Lionel Laday, REALTOR®
Lionel Laday
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Lionel Laday, REALTOR®

Community Events

$500 Guarantee Poker Tourney!!
12-11-17 6:30 pm - Hana World Market
ATX Poker League

7PM Wednesday Friday, Sat (most Saturdays. Text to make sure), and Sundays 2500 in chips. are free $20 buy-in for 15k chips! So your starting chips will be $17500. Unlimited re-buys until break! $20 for 15k. Anyone who wants to add-on a final...

12-11-17 6:30 pm - Hana World Market
The Austin Japanese Culture and Language Meetup Group

このミートアップは特に変更がない限り毎週同じ時間と場所で行われます。 This meetup is a Japanese discussion group and not a Japanese lesson. If you can’t carry on conversation in Japanese, please consider taking...

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